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Organizing an event has many aspects. One of them is to inform your guests. By using the Aventable app you are able to communicate quickly, effectively and directly with your guests. Always in real-time.

Every event

Every event deserves its own app. Aventable has advanced, user-friendly technology available for every event. No matter the size or budget.

The Aventable app

Using the Organizers Control Panel (OCP) you can publish in the Aventable app. The app uses clever technologies to show your guests all they need to know about your event. Only a click away.

Our OCP is as easy as 1-2-3


Register as an organizer

Create a free account for the OCP. Now you can add your organisation in order to publish your event(s). Working in a team or multiple organisations? No problem, add as many as neccessary. Together with your team you can co-op in the OCP.

Create an event

Creating an event in the OCP is easy. Activate the modules you need and add your content. No need to program or worry about graphic design (leave that to us). Any changes during your event? No problem, it's just as easy and real-time.




Final step, publish your event in the Aventable app. To publish you need an Aventable Publishing Licence. These can be bought in packages (see Aventable Fuel).

Aventable fuel

Developing and maintaining an app requires a large budget. You don't have to pay for this using Aventable Fuel. It works like leasing a car. We deliver the car (the app), make sure it's pristine (maintanance) and keep it up-to-date with the latest technology (new features). You only pay for (part of) the fuel. Without never ending contracts and hidden costs.


€ 85,- / APL

  • Free OCP
  • Free app
  • Publish 1 events
  • Does not expire
  • € 85,- charged once


€ 75,- / APL

  • Free OCP
  • Free app
  • Publish 3 events
  • Does not expire
  • € 225,- charged once


€ 65,- / APL

  • Free OCP
  • Free app
  • Publish 8 events
  • Does not expire
  • € 520,- charged once

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